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Chinese Government Scholarship Program is established to provide full scholarship to outstanding international students to study in Chinese universities. It is available in some provincial administrative departments of education and part of Chinese colleges and universities.


I Supporting Categories, Duration and Instruction Language


1.Supporting Categories: Master Degree Candidate and PhD Degree Candidate.

2. 资助期限:

2. Supporting Duration


Student category


Studying duration



Duration for Chinese language studying

(Chinese-taught program)




2-3 years


1 year




4 years


1 year


Notes: The supporting duration is the studying duration as specified in the Admission Letter, including major study and Chinese language study.

3. 授课语言:一般为汉语,部分专业可提供英语授课。

3. Instruction Language: mostly Chinese-taught. Some majors can provide English-taught classes.


II. Scholarship Coverage: Tuition, accommodation, stipend, and comprehensive medical insurance are covered.


1. Tuition is covered;

2. 住宿费:根据学校规定,所有中国政府奖学金生须在校内居住,由学校统一提供免费宿舍,一般为双人间;

2. Accommodation fee: according to regulations, all students supported by the Chinese Government Scholarships must live in the school’s dormitory. OUC will provide rooms for free, generally twin rooms;

3. 生活费:硕士研究生和普通进修生:3,000元人民币/月;博士研究生和高级进修生:3,500元人民币/月;

3. living Stipend: Master Degree Candidate and General Visiting Student: 3000 RMB per month; PhD Degree Candidate and Advanced Visiting Student: 3500 RMB per month;

4. 免费提供综合医疗保险。

4. Comprehensive medical insurance is provided for free.


IIIApplication Agency and Application Duration


Agency number of OUC: 10423



Notes: Applicant should apply within the stipulated time. The duration for

online applying is January 1 - March 30. The arrival time of paper materials

shall not be later than March 30.


IV. Eligibility

1. 非中国籍公民,身心健康;

1. Non-Chinese citizens, physically and mentally healthy.

2.  学历和年龄要求:


2. Education background and age limit:

Applicants for master degree should possess bachelor degree, and age under 35 years old (born before January 1, 1985); Applicants for PhD degree should possess master degree, and age under 40 years old (born before January 1, 1980);

3. 申请人的语言能力要求:


3. Language ability requirements: Students applying for Chinese-taught majors: above 180 in HSK 4; Students from non-English speaking countries applying for English-taught majors should meet one of the following requirements: IELTS≥5.5, TOFEL≥80, or have Certificate of equivalent English proficiency Certificate of your former degree is finished in English-taught courses provided by the university you studied in, or proof that you have studied in English countries above (including) a year;

4. 该奖学金项目原则上不接收已在华学习的学生;曾在华进行学历学位学习的学生须毕业一年以上。

4. In principle, the scholarship program does not accept student who had been studied in China. Students who had studied in China for degree must have graduated for more than a year.


V. Application Procedure

1. 缴纳报名费

1. Pay the application fee

1) 付款方式:银行转账(即日起至46日);

1)Payment: bank transfer (until April 6);

2) 金额:400元人民币;

2)Amount: 400 RMB;

3) 银行转账信息:

3)Bank transfer information:











Swift Code



Notes: please make sure that note applicants passport name (English), and keep the remittance voucher, scan it and send to;

2. 网上申请:登录“中国政府奖学金来华留学管理信息系统”(登录 后,点击“网上报名学生入口”图标进入)填写申请信息,在线提交并打印《中国政府奖学金申请表》;

2. Online application: Sign in “The information management system of Chinese government scholarship” (Visit or and click “Application Online” to log in), complete and submit “the Application Form for Chinese Government Scholarship”;

3. 提交申请材料:在规定时间内(每年47日之前)将申请材料提交至中国海洋大学。

3. Submit the applying materials: Submit the applying materials to the Ocean University of China in time (before April 7).


VI.  Application Documents (in duplicate)


1. Application Form for Chinese Government Scholarship (written in Chinese or English);

2. 经过公证的最高学历证明。中英文以外文本须附经公证的中文或英文的译文;

2. Notarized highest diploma. Documents in languages other than Chinese or English must be attached with notarized Chinese or English translations;

3. 学习成绩单。中英文以外文本须附经公证的中文或英文的译文;

3. Academic transcripts. Transcripts in languages other than Chinese or English must be attached with notarized Chinese or English translations;

4. 来华学习和研究计划。用中文或英文书写,研究生不少于800字;

4. Study Plan or Research Proposal, written in Chinese or English. This should be a minimum of 800 words;

5. 推荐信。申请攻读硕士、博士学位者须提交两名教授或副教授的推荐信,用中文或英文书写;

5. Recommendation Letters. Applicants must submit two recommendation letters signed by a professor or an associate professor, written in Chinese or English;

6. 申请学习音乐专业的学生须提交本人作品的光盘;申请学习美术专业的学生须提供本人2张素描画、2张色彩画以及2张其它作品的光盘;

6. Applicants for music studies are requested to submit a CD of their own musical works. Applicants for the fine arts programs must submit a CD of their own works which include two sketches, two color paintings and two other works;

7. 年龄不满18岁的申请人,须提交在华法定监护人的相关法律文件;

7. Applicants under 18 years old should submit relevant legal documents about their legal guardians in China;

8.《外国人体格检查表》复印件。原件自行保存,此表格由中国卫生检疫部门统一印制,可登录国家留学基金委网站 下载,须英文填写。申请人应严格按照《外国人体格检查表》中要求的项目进行检查。缺项、未贴本人照片或照片上未盖骑缝章、无医师和医院签字盖章的《外国人体格检查表》无效。检查结果有效期为6个月;

8. A copy of Foreigner Physical Examination Form. The original form should be kept. This form is uniformly printed by the Health and Quarantine Departments of China, and it can be downloaded from or The form should be written in English. The physical examinations must cover all of the items listed in the Foreigner Physical Examination Form. Incomplete forms or forms without the signature of the attending physician, or the official stamp of the hospital, or a sealed photograph of the applicant are considered as invalid. Please carefully plan your physical examination schedule as the result is valid for only 6 months;

9. 已获得HSK成绩报告的,请将复印件附在申请材料中;

9. A copy of valid HSK Certificate (if available);

10. 无犯罪记录证明。


10. Certificate of no criminal record.

Applicants should submit a certificate of no criminal record provided by local justice department. If the applicant is in school or at work, can submit a certificate issued by the school or work unit for performance appraisal. Certificate in languages other than Chinese or English must be attached with notarized Chinese or English translations.


1. 以上材料请按上述顺序排列并在左上角装订成册(一式两册)。无论录取与否,申请材料均不返还;

1. All documents should be bound together on top left corner in the above order. (You should submit TWO sets of bound documents). No application documents will be returned;

2. 所有申请材料须完整、清楚、真实、准确。申请材料不全或不支付报名费,将不予受理。提交申请后原则上不得再修改或补充申请材料。如与事实不符,中国海洋大学有权取消其录取资格,已入学者取消学籍;

2. All the application materials shall be complete, clear, true and accurate. Students whose application materials are not complete or students who did not pay the application fee will not be accepted. After submitting, the application materials cannot be modified or added, in principle. If the information is false, the Ocean University of China has the right to cancel the admission, or cancel one's status as a student;

  3. 申请表中填写的姓名、出生日期、出生地点等个人信息须与护照信息页上的信息一致;

3. The name, date of birth, place of birth and other personal information filled in the application form must be consistent with information on passport information page;

4. 请提供准确的电话号码、电子邮箱及通信地址(含邮政编码);

4. Please provide the accurate number, email and address (including zip code);

5. 请定时查阅网上申请时所注册的电子邮箱。我们将通过电子邮件通知您面试时间、奖学金结果等重要信息;

5. Please check the email address you registered in the online application in time. We will inform you the interview time, scholarship results and other important information by email;


6. We may not be able to reply every email and phone call about the state of application and admissions process. Thank you for your understanding and patience

7. 报名费不予退还。

7. Application fees are not refundable.


VII.  Admission and notification

1. 中国海洋大学负责审核申请材料、面试,确定录取人选;

1. OUC is responsible for reviewing the application documents, interviewing and deciding the nominated candidates;

2. 拟录取人选经国家留学基金委审核合格,即可获得中国政府奖学金资助来华学习;

2. Nominated candidates will obtain Chinese Government Scholarships to study in China once approved by the China Scholarship Council;

3. 每名奖学金获得者只能获得一个中国政府奖学金项目的资助,对于同时被多所高校录取的奖学金申请人,国家留学基金委仅为其保留一所学校的奖学金资格;

3. Each scholarship recipient will be granted only one scholarship. For students who are admitted by multiple universities, the CSC will only keep their scholarship qualification for one school;

4. 国家留学基金委将《录取名单》《录取通知书》和《外国留学人员来华签证申请表》(JW201表)寄回录取院校,中国海洋大学将录取材料邮寄给学生本人;

4. The CSC will send the List of Scholarship Recipients, Admission Letter and Visa Application Form for Study in China (JW201) to the university. OUC will send the admission documents to scholarship recipients;

5. 奖学金获得者来华后不得变更录取院校、学习专业及学习期限;

5. Scholarship recipients shall not change their host university, field of study, or duration of study after admission;

6. 不能在规定时间内来校报到者,奖学金资格不予保留。

6. Scholarship will not be reserved if scholarship recipient cannot register before the registration deadline.


VIII.  Contact Information and Mailing Address

  • 收件人:中国海洋大学国际教育学院招生办公室

  • 地址:中国山东省青岛市松岭路238中国海洋大学崂山校区21号楼712办公室;邮编:266100

  • 电话:+86-532-85901666+86-532-85901555

  • 电子信箱

  • 网站:

  • Recipient:

The Admission Office of the School of International Education, Ocean University of China.

  • Address:

Office 712, Building 21, Laoshan Campus, the Ocean University of China;

No. 238 Songling Road, Qingdao, Shangdong, China; Postal Code: 266100