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Students are encouraged to participate in various extracurricular activities and join the student societies of the university. Ocean University of China has more than 80 student societies, covering five domains, namely, science and technology, physical training, humanities, arts, and public welfare.

Welcome to our taekwondo society for some exciting participation, including authentic practice. If you are a big fan of aquatic sports, our fine clean natatorium will provide you with an impressive swimming experience. Another good choice is to join the martial art society for personal enjoyment, as well as physical health. Our sports society boasts well-trained instructors, which assures you a high-quality time. If you ever get tired of these ordinary sport options,we also have some cool novel events, including nunchaku and roller skating. Feel free to join us if you are an adventurous sports lover. We also welcome you to join in service projects as a volunteer. You can also act as a photographer or campus announcer in different societies.

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