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Internet Access Account

Please follow the instructions below to access the Internet

﹥﹥For Students:

I. Newly-enrolled students will have their own Internet account after registration.

User name: student number
Password: the last six digits of your ID number

II. How does one gain access to the Internet by himself?

1. Put money on your Internet account. You can use the on-campus transfer machine to transfer money from OUC e-Card to your Internet account on your own.

2. Download and install Internet client software on your computer. You can download it, or get a copy from the computers in the hall at the Network and Information Centre or from senior students living in your dormitory. Run the software, and then enter user name (the student number) and password to log in.

3. Go to http// to confirm the terms of service and fill in user information, including your contact information, dormitory number, etc.

4. Once the start-up operation in the self-service website is completed, you can get access to the Internet (If you do not put money on your account, there will be a message popping up saying that Internet service is not available because of no credit on the account.)

﹥﹥For Faculty Members

New faculty members need to apply for an Internet account at the Network and Information Center and put money on the account. Each member is permitted to have only one account with your staff number as the user name.

1. Faculty members do not need to install client software. You only need to apply for an IP address from those who are in charge of IP addresses in your work unit. Each computer can have only one IP address.

2. Set your applied IP address on your computer. Go tohttp:// Enter your account number and password into the login box that pops up, and then the
Internet will be available.

Notice: You can still get access to OUC’s in-house network and online services if there is an insufficient balance in your Internet account.

Service Hotlines:

+86-532-66782222 (Laoshan Campus)

+86-532-82032161 (Yushan Campus)

+86-532-85902025 (Fushan Campus)

Fee Charges:

One yuan per day for students (0.5yuan for faculty members) from the day of opening an account until the end of the same month. From the first day of the next month, money will be deducted from your Internet account on a monthly basis. No money will be charged if there is no data traffic. On the first day of each month, 30 yuan (15 yuan for faculty members) will be deducted as the fee for the previous month. In order to get access to the Internet, please make sure you have at least 30 yuan (15 yuan for faculty members) in your account. 

Campus E-Card

The campus e-Card System is a very important application of the campus network, which is used to provide such services as catering, campus shopping, on-campus health care, library services, login to the Internet, and access control. It will also allow access to(functions and)services, including e-ticket for campus transportation, electronic registration, and identity authentication, as well as transferring funds to your e-card.

On the website (, you can find detailed information about the above-mentioned services. (You can also inquire online. )The website also provides services on personal information, such as account inquiry and online loss-reporting.

The e-Card management center is in charge of the design, management, and maintenance of the e-Card System and related website.

The contact number of the center :+86-532-66782222

﹥﹥How to apply for an e-Card?

Currently, there are two kinds of OUC e-Card. One is a formal e-Card, which integrates services such as identity authentication, on-campus purchases, and management of campus affairs; and the other is guest e-Card, which only provides services of on-campus purchases and partial management of campus affairs.

A formal e-Card is confined to registered full-time students, tenured faculty, and regular administrative or support staff members. Each year at the beginning of the semester, a formal e-Card will be given to newly-enrolled students after registration. For students, faculty, and staff members who register in the middle of the school year, documents to confirm your current status will be given by your work unit or the Human Resources Department. Your ID Card, student card, or employee’s card will be needed to get an OUC e-Card.To apply for a formal e-Card, you can go to the locations designated by the e-Card Management Center.

Locations for e-Card application are as follows:

Yushan Campus: Office for CampusNetworkCenter, Run Run Shaw Science and Technology Conference Hall

Fushan Campus: Office for CampusNetworkCenter, the 4th floor of the library

Laoshan Campus: Reception Hall of the CampusNetworkCenter, Building B in the library complex

﹥﹥How to get a new one in case it is lost?

Please take your ID card and the re-application fee to get a new one in any one of the above-mentioned locations.

﹥﹥How to put money on your e-Card?

Please go to any one of the designated locations to put money on your card.

Important notice: when putting money on your card, please pay attention to the amount displayed on the screen. Remember to ask for and keep the receipt, which can be used as proof when any inquiries arise. (The 5-digit number on the receiptis your e-Card accountnumber. Please remember it, since it will be needed when you report the loss of your e-Card on telephone).

﹥﹥How to use your e-Card to make purchases?

With an e-Card, you can make on-campus, small-amount payment in the cafeterias and shops that have signed an agreement with the University. Press your e-Card against the reader for about 0.5 second. When you hear a “beep”, withdraw your card(do not be too quick),and the money will be deducted from your account automatically.

As there have been many cases in which card-holders are mischarged or repeatedly charged, we would like to remind all the users to make sure that the number on the POS is the amount due before you make payment through your e-Card. In addition, money will be deducted when you make payments though your e-Card. Please make sure that the receiver confirms your payment through the e-Card before paying to avoid unnecessary losses.

Continuous “beeping” alarm of the card reader may indicate one of the following circumstances: insufficient balance, card damage, loss reported, or account frozen. Please go to the e-Card Management Center for help.

If the symbol “------” occurs on the card reader, it indicates your cumulative consumption has exceeded the regulated limit, or a consumption password is needed to continue your payment.


There are 53 student dormitory buildings with a total floor space of 270,000 square meters, which provides 9,000 bedrooms currently, for up to 20,000 students.

Each dormitory building houses a janitor’s room, and is equipped with CCTV system and access control system to ensure the safety of residents. Washing machines and sockets where hair driers can be plugged in are equipped in each building, as well as bicycle sheds close to each dormitory. In the bedrooms, such basic facilities as cupboards, bookshelves and electric fans are provided.

The student dormitory adopts a supportive management method in the living community. A supportive office is set up in every living quarter with an assistant counselor in each dormitory building, who is responsible for the maintenance of dormitory rules and regulations, dormitory cultural development, daily routine service regulation as well as some notices and suggestions on the violations of the rules and regulations. The allocation of dorm accommodation resource, the furniture management and other related dormitory services are also included.

Contact Us:


Dining on Campus

There are all together 15 cafeterias on the three campuses of Ocean University of China (OUC), among which 11 are on Laoshan campus, 3 on Yushan campus and one on Fushan campus. Covering a total floor space of over 30,000 square meters, these well-equipped cafeterias with a clean and comfortable environment can accommodate up to 8,000 people.

Every day, over a hundred different kinds of tasty dishes including local specialties of different regions at different price levels are offered, which can meet the needs of all students. Sterilized trays, chopsticks and spoons are provided. All faculty and staff members and students with an OUC e-Card can purchase meals at any cafeteria on campus.

Campus E-card System

Contact Us:

Tel: +86-532-66781000 

UniBus Schedule

Timetable for Shuttle Buses on Weekdays (Monday to Friday)

Departure Time

Yushan to Fushan

Yushan to Laoshan

Fushan to Laoshan

Laoshan to Fushan

Laoshan to Yushan

Fushan to Yushan








10:30(Stops outside the campus gate)


12:35(Stops outside the campus gate)



16:00(Stops outside the campus gate)


16:40(Stops outside the campus gate)


17:00(For tutorial purpose)

17:20(Stops outside the campus gate)


21:30(For tutorial purpose)

21:50(Stops outside the campus gate)

Shuttle Bus for Jiushui Xiuyuan Residential Area

7:10a.m. Arriving at Fulin Wanjia Residential Area

7:30 a.m. Arriving at Jiushui Xiuyuan Residential Area

7:35 a.m. Arriving at Heda Hecheng Residential Area

Terminal: Laoshan campus

5:00p.m. Leaving from Laoshan campus→Heda Hecheng Residential

Area→Jiushui Xiuyuan Residential Area→Fulin Wanjia Residential Area

Timetable for Shuttle Buses on Saturday

Departure Time

Yushan to Fushan

Yushan to Laoshan

Fushan to Laoshan

Laoshan to Fushan

Laoshan to Yushan

Fushan to Yushan


7:20(Stops outside the campus gate)



17:20(Stops outside the campus gate)

Sports & Culture

Ocean University of China (OUC) presents culture in all facets. You can choose from different kinds of sports activities at reasonable prices. You can also rent facilities for sports days and tournaments, or just an hour’s training in between studying. Would you like some powerful body movements? The typical activities include the spring sports meeting, school football match, and basketball match.

In addition, there are many kinds of sport activities held by every college, aiming to strengthen body and promote friendship. In April, there is an aerobics exhibition game, which always attracts the attention all around the campus.

What‘s more, in OUC, you can appreciate the graceful bearing of Wang Meng, the famous author, and you may have the opportunity to communicate with Li Zhaoxing, China’s former Foreign Minister. The list goes on and on. All the lectures offer cultural feasts to students.

Debating contests are very exciting here, and they are called tit for tat. If you want to experience the glamour of the students, the school singing contest is an event that you don’t want to miss out. We not only focus on promoting the cultural accomplishments of students, but also support the students in developing their personal interests.