Application Procedures

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1. To apply

Please send a clear scanned copy of the required materials to the mailbox of the Admissions Office ( during the opening hours for registration. If you have any questions during the registration, please contact us by email or phone+86-532-85901666+86-532-85901555.

2. Comprehensive assessment

(1) Material review: For those who submit the application and supporting documents on time, and the information of the application materials is true and complete, the school will organize an expert panel to review the application.

(2) Examination and assessment: Applicants who have passed the material review will be assessed according to the actual situation, and the time and method of the assessment will be notified later.

3. Admissions

The admissions of international students for degree programs at Ocean University of China is based on a comprehensive assessment of the applicant's academic performance, other qualification documents and examination results. Applicants for a graduate degree program should also be considered on the basis of academic and professional qualifications.