Master’s Programs

Colleges & Departments


College of Physical and Environmental Oceanography

Atmospheric Sciences

Atmospheric Physics and Atmospheric   Environment

Marine Resources and Marine Interests   Comprehensive Management

Physical Oceanography/Applied Oceanography

College of Information     Science and Engineering

Optical Engineering

College of Geo-Science

Marine Geology/Geology/Geological   Engineering

Geo-Information Science and Technology

Marine Geo-chemistry/Marine Geo-physics

College of Marine Life Science

Marine Biology/Genetics /Ecology

Biological Chemistry and Molecular Biology   Ecology

Bioengineering/Cell Biology

College of Food Science and Engineering

Food Science

Processing and Storage of Agriculture

Processing and Storage of Aquatic

College of Engineering

Mechanical Electronic   Engineering

Mechanical Design and Theory/Power   Engineering

Marine Mechanical and Electrical   Equipment and Instrument /Mechanical Engineering

College of Environmental Science and   Engineering

Geotechnical Engineering/   Environmental Engineering

Environmental Science

Environmental Geological   Engineering

College of Materials Science and   Engineering

The Physics and Chemistry of   Materials/Material Science

Marine Material Science and   Engineering

Material Processing Engineering

College of Management

Tourism Management

Management of Agricultural   Economy

College of Foreign Languages

English Language and Literature/ Korean   Translation

Japanese Language and Literature

Asian-African Language and Literature

Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics

English Translation/ English   Interpretation

Japanese Translation/ Japanese   Interpretation

College of   Liberal Arts, Journalism and Communication

Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages

Chinese Language and Literature/Media   and Culture Studies

Linguistics and Applied Linguistics

Chinese Ancient Literature/Theory of   Literature and Art

Chinese Contemporary Literature/ Chinese History

Comparative Literature and World Literature

Cultural Industry Management

College of   Law and Political Science

Environmental and Resource Protection Law   (English)

Jurisprudence/History of Law/Science of   Criminal Law

Constitutional Law and Administrative Law

Civil Law and Commercial Law/Procedural Law

Science of Economic Law/International   Law

Political Theory/Comparative   Political Systems

International Politics/International   Relationship/Sociology

Administrative Management/Social   Security

Educational Economics and   Management

Land Resources Management

Teaching Center for Fundamental Courses

Subject Pedagogy(English)

Educational Administration

Modern Educational Technology

Vocational and Technical Education

Educational Information   Technology

College of Economics

International Business (English Program)

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