Doctoral Programs

Colleges & Departments


College of Physical and Environmental Oceanography


Atmospheric Physics and Atmospheric Environment

Physical Oceanography/Applied Oceanography

Marine Resources and Marine Interests   Comprehensive Management

College of Information     Science and Engineering

Cartography and Geographic Information   System

Marine Survey Technology/Computer   Architecture

Computer Software and Theory

Computer Applied Technology/Software   Engineering

Science and Technology in   Cryptology

Intelligent Information and   Communication Systems

College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

Marine Chemistry

Marine Chemical Engineering and Technology

College of Geo-Science

Marine Geology/Marine Geo-Physics

Marine Geo-chemistry

College of Marine Life Science

Marine Biology/Microbiology/Developmental   Biology

Genetics/Cell Biology/Ecology

Bio-chemistry and Molecular Biology

College of Food Science and Engineering

Food Science

Aquatic Products Processing and Storage   Engineering

College of   Medicine and Pharmaceutics

Pharmaceutical Chemistry/Pharmacognosy

College of Engineering

Harbor, Channel and Coastal Engineering

Energy and Environmental Protection

College of Environmental Science and   Engineering

Environmental Science/Environmental   Engineering

Marine Material Science and Engineering

Geo-environmental Engineering

College of Management

Accounting/ Enterprise   Management

Tourism Management/ Cultural Industry Management

International Business Language and Culture

Financial Management

Agricultural Economical Management

College of   Law and Political Science

Environmental and Resource   Protection Law

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