Fees & Payment

Fees & Payment

1. Application Fee : RMB 400

When the applicants pay the application fee, please contact the Admission Office in advance.

The application fee is non-refundable regardless of whether the application is successful or not.

2. Tuition Fee


Course Title

Tuition Fee

Student Category

Chinese   Language Course

RMB 7000/semester

Chinese Language Student

Summer Chinese Language Course

RMB 4000/4   weeks(Activity Fee: RMB 1000)

Short-term Student

International Chinese Business   Program

English-Taught Program

RMB 15000/semester

General Scholar

Undergraduate Program

RMB 18000/yearChinese-Taught

RMB 23000/yearEnglish-Taught

Undergraduate Student

Master’s Degree Program

Liberal ArtsRMB 20500/year

ScienceRMB 23500/year

Master’s Degree Student

Master’s Degree Program (English-Taught)

RMB 25000/year

Master’s   Degree Student

Doctoral Degree Program

RMB 31000/year

Doctoral Degree Student


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