About SIE

Ocean University of China has a long history of international education and had been accepting   foreign students since 1960. The School of International Education is founded on the basis of the former International Student Center and the former International Education College. It is in charge of the admission, training, management and service of all the international students of the whole university; the coordination of the Sino-America and Sino-Australia cooperative education programs; the management of the China-France Class, the admission, teaching and management of the British HND programs.

The School of International Education has five departments: the Administration Office, the Admissions Department, the Teaching Affairs Department, the Students Affairs Department and the Sino-Foreign Cooperation Department, with 49 staff   members. In 2014, the China-ASEAN Marine Education Center was approved. The Education and Training Research Center of the Ministry of Education is affiliated to our School.

In 2017, there were 1221 international students from 82 countries. Among them, 559 are academic   students (with 95 doctoral students, 134 postgraduate students and 330 undergraduates), 542 are language students, 120 are professional students. These students are mainly from South Korea, the United States, Russia, Pakistan, Zimbabwe, Germany, France, Japan, Indonesia, India and others. There were 229   graduate students, and the total number of all kinds of scholarship students reached 236, both hitting a record high. The Sino-foreign cooperative majors of  Sino-America Law and the Sino-Australia Marine Science had 174 and 164 students respectively. The number of students enrolled in HND program was 227. And there were 28 students in the China-France Class. OUC  has established a cooperation relationship with many universities such as Université de Bretagne Occidentale(France), Sejong University(Korea), Sungkonghoe University(Korea), Chosun University (Korea), Hokkaido University(Japan) and Ludwigshafen University of Business and Society - University of Applied Sciences in student exchanging.

The School of International Education aims to cutivate international talents with Chinese spirit, OUC background and fine academic accomplishment; takes the responsibility of training high-level ocean talents who “know China, love China, support China and contribute to China”; follow the guidelines of “enlarging   scale, optimizing structure, improving quality, converging management, highlighting characteristics”; sticks to scientific development, connotative development and characteristic development; therefore, keeps improving the quality of international student training and the level of international education, and promotes the “internationalization” and “Doble First-Class” construction of the university.


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