International Students Excelled At Sports Meeting

Along with the Athletes March and the shouting of “On the field of competition, the international athletes take the lead” the International Students Team walked orderly into the 72th Sports Meeting of the Ocean University of China.

During the Games, students from Zimbabwe, South Korea, Sweden, the Republic of Congo, Pakistan, Russia, Poland and other countries took part in the long-distance race, sprint, long jump, shot put, high jump, 4*100 relay and other events. The international athletes fought hard at the Games and made outstanding   achievements. Among them, Vimbai Mureyani from Zimbabwe and Jagienka Staszak from Poland respectively won the first and second place in women’s shot put; Wallen and Mufaro from Zimbabwe respectively won the third place in men’s 5,000-meter race and men’s high jump; Song Ruiqian, a Pakistani student, won the forth place in the intense competition of men’s 100-meter; in the 4*100   relay, four students from Pakistan, South Korea and the Republic of Congo worked together and made their way to the finals from a dozen departments,   and won the eighth place.

As an important group of OUC, international students have continuously promoted   the construction of “Doule First-Class” and “Internationalizaiton” of the university. This School Sports Meeting has not only provided the international students a stage to show themselves, stimulating their enthusiam for sports, but also built a platform for them to communicate with Chinese students, helping them to fit in Chinese environment and OUC life.



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